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UFSOI-7.5 with UFPDB-2.5

Process/Physics-Based Silicon-On-Insulator MOSFET Models

The UFSOI models (UFPDB and FD/SOI) are implemented in a Type-I interface (API), which has been glued to Spice3. The original bases of the models are described under "SOISPICE/UFSOI". The UFPDB model (evolved from the NFD model) is unified for application to PD/SOI and bulk-Si MOSFETs with just one small set of model parameters. Recent upgrades include gate-body direct tunneling current and an option for a strained Si/SiGe channel. The FD/SOI model has been evolved into a separate model (UFDG) for generic double-gate MOSFETs, which is also applicable to UTB FD/SOI devices. All source code (API, glue, and Spice3e.2) is in a tar file which can be downloaded by clicking "Download Software". Files of the UFSOI MOSFET Models User's Guide, which includes citations of papers and reports that detail the physical modeling, an overview paper on UFPDB, and a report on the process-based parameter evaluation are available as well. The UFSOI/Spice3 program will have to be rebuilt after downloading. Instructions for doing so, as well as the noted UFSOI source code and documentation, simulation examples, and the University of Florida COPYRIGHT statement, are included in the tar file.

Last updated on July 8, 2003.